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Monkey Bar (different location for 2015) – THE place for lesbians to be in Gay Pride. DJs every night


Details coming soon as to where it will be. A prime location in the Yumbo of Playa del Ingles!

It’s going to be THE place to be for girls during Gay Pride Maspalomas 2015. With DJs playing great music every night, terrific drinks prices, dance area and a view of the Yumbo, it’s definitely THE place for girls to hangout every night. Come join us from 8 to 17 May 2015!

Accommodation for Maspalomas Pride

Still looking for lesbian-friendly accommodation for Maspalomas Pride? Take a look at this accommodation and ticket website. The owner speaks English so you can send them an email too. Happy hunting.

Lesbian boat trip Gran Canaria Pride

News coming very shortly about a Lesbian Boat Trip during Gran Canaria Pride in Maspalomas. Send me an email from the contact page if you are interested and I will update you when I have info!

Join Monkey Lesbian Bar on facebook to find our latest info!

Not long to go until Maspalomas Pride 2015. Let the countdown begin.

The location of the Monkey Lesbian Bar in the Yumbo is still a closely guarded secret. Why not join us on facebook now so you are amongst the first to find out where we will be!

DJ Monique 69 in the Monkey Bar

monkey-bar-gran-canaria-lesbian-bar-dj-monique69We’re now lucky enough to have DJ Monique 69 – very well known in Gran Canaria from many other clubs and Gay Prides here! Come and join us in the Monkey Bar to party, party, party! We have DJ Heidi and DJ Becky joining us later in the week….

Like cats? You’ll love “Simon Ships Out: A heroic cat at sea”. Just published!

The world’s first celebrity cat has just published his heroic life story! Based on the TRUE events that gave ship’s cat Simon the title of WORLD’S FIRST CELEBRITY CAT in newspapers, film and television many years ago, this extraordinary and warm hearted narration brings Simon’s story back into the limelight for pet loving adults across […]

Gran Canaria lesbian life features in BDSM autobiography

mistress-kimberley-gran-canaria-jacky-donovan-lesbian-bisexual-authorJacky Donovan organises the lesbian events annually for Gay Pride Maspalomas. Her autobiography has just been published by Thistle.


Instant Whips and Dream Toppins. A true-life dom rom com is a truly unique look at the life of a Dominatrix. Witty, bizarre, tear jerking, sexplicit and shocking. Everything 50 Shades of Grey wasn’t!


Buy it now from Amazon in paperback or kindle.

My autobiography out soon! From hetero to lesbian to bisexual to Dominatrix.

What happens when you swap M&S shoes for S&M boots? An MP with a choux fetish. A Paddington Bear with a penchant for pinnies. A squirming Batman in baggy blue Batpants. When Jacky meets Max she discovers desires she didn’t know she had, from luscious lesbians and ménages à trois to the tantalising thrill of […]

T Dance german carnival special edition

On Saturday the 9th of November, Pride Maspalomas presents T-Dance at Aqua Meloneras with a Special Edition because of the German Carnaval. DJ Luis del Villar, with over 11 million Podcast downloads from his Ibiza Sensations will spin the wheels together with Sharon O Love (UK) and PK80 (Construction Bar)! For just 15 Euro you will get top entertainment, […]

New luxury lesbian friendly hotel / gay friendly hotel opens in Playa del Ingles

A new and highly luxurious hotel has just opened its doors in Playa del Ingles. Situated less than 5 minutes walk from the Yumbo it’s perfect for lesbian and gay visitors to Gran Canaria looking for something more boutique and unique than the average Playa de Ingles hotel. You can checkout further details of the gorgeous rooms and 360 degree dining room on the Bohemia Hotel website

Rogue Drag King @ Amigos Coffee on Saturday 27 July

drag-king-rogue-amigos-avda=italia-playa-del-ingles-gran-canariaCome to Amigos’s 1st birthday party on Saturday 27 July 2013 and enjoy a fantastic evening of live music.

With Rogue – Drag King, Gabbi – Drag Queen and Elsa McTaggart playing some terrifically lively songs on fiddle and flute it promises to be a great evening.

Make sure to pre-book the birthday buffet if you’d like to eat that evening too.

Amigos Coffee, Avda de Italia (opposite the mini train), Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria from 20h. Facebook page

Checkout Drag King Rogue’s facebook page.

FUSION Restaurant & Lounge Bar

A new and already highly acclaimed restaurant in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria!




Checkout our website

Join us on facebook

BURLESKAS – lesbian club night Friday 10 May – Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013

gay-pride-maspalomas-lesbian-club-night-gran-canariaMaspalomas will host in May the third edition of BurLesKAS, a superb “only for women” project. It’s a ‘burlesque’ theme party that will take place as one of the major events for Gay Pride  Maspalomas in fantastic club PACHA. You can already buy your entrance tickets and book the accommodation using the organizer’s website:

L Fest sponsors lesbian pool party during Gay Pride

gay-pride-maspalomas-lfest-lesbian-pool-partyGay Pride Maspalomas 2013 is delighted to announce that the Lesbian Pool Party on Sunday 12 May 2013 is sponsored by L Fest - The award winning lesbian music, arts & comedy festival taking place in the UK from  July 19-22nd 2013.







Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 – lesbian Gran Canaria

Only a few months now til Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas and we have some terrific events lined up for lesbian visitors to Gran Canaria!

Women-Only Events during Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013

  • Wednesday 8 May – Girls Ahoy! Lesbian cruise on Pirate Ship Timanfaya
  • Friday 10 May – Burleskas. Lesbian club night
  • Sunday 12 May – Make a splash! Lesbian Pool Party at Walkirias Hotel

And a whole host of other lesbian happenings that will be posted on this website soon. So watch this space. And book your flights and accommodation if you haven’t already done so!

It’s the 4th to 12th may 2013. Full details of all happenings at the Gay Pride Maspalomas website

Findhrr – new app to find girls! The Social Network and Travel Guide for Gay and Bisexual Women



Ladies, download FindHrr on your iPhones to discover the ultimate lesbian lifestyle guide and connect with other gay and bisexual women. Available now, freefrom the App Store, it’s set to take the lesbian world by storm.

Besides simply playing Cupid, facilitating new dates and friendships across the globe, FindHrr uses geo-technology and pin-mapping to position lesbian users in relation to local gay goings-on. It’s an L-GPS, if you will.

Whether you’re at home, away or planning a holiday, expand the horizons of your “scene” and discover new hangouts. Keen travellers can locate gay districtsworldwide – from Soho, London to Castro, San Francisco – and browse recommendations of lesbian-friendly hotels.

FindHrr offers a comprehensive and reliable A-Z of gay barsclubs and events the world over. It also gives users the lowdown on lesbian-friendly restaurantsand cafes, providing the essential drinking and dining directory.

In the ‘Erotica’ section, you’ll find a titillating yet tasteful guide to local hotspots at your fingertips. If you’re after some raunchy retail therapy, flick through to find sex shops in the vicinity. Please note, however, that images featuring nudity are strictly prohibited on both venue listings and personal profiles.

After all that indulgence, make use of the app’s ‘Well-Being’ and ‘Sport’ facilities, which direct you to local gyms, exercise classes and ladies’ sports teams. You’ll need to recharge your batteries if you want to make the most of your city stay, so why not preen and pamper yourself at one of our listed hairdressers and beauty salons?

gran-canaria-lesbian-app-findhrrThe lesbian’s answer to TripAdvisor, FindHrr revolutionises the experience of socialising, dating and networking. The app offers impartial and trustworthy advice from likeminded women, making it easy and fun to plan your next adventure. Users can share experiences and upload photos to each venue listing, with comments updated in real-time.

The app presently covers 150 cities, but with regular updates in the pipeline, users can follow FindHrr’s quest for world domination.

English Playa del Ingles nurse Gran Canaria (female)

I’m an English nurse living in Playa del Ingles and available for all sorts of minor ailments you may need taking care of, whether you’re on holiday in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria or living here.

I have over 30 years nursing experience both working in the community and also in A&E departments.

Whatever your home care nursing needs please give me a call to discuss your requirements. My prices are very reasonable, usually only 10 euros an hour for most ailments.

Examples of things I can cover include:
- administering injections
- wound dressing
- obesrvation / monitoring of blood pressure

And, if you are unable to leave your house while sick, I can help with basic household requests including shopping, walking the dog etc.

Please give me a call on 630 207 908. If I am unable to answer your call please don’t leave me a message as I am unable to pick up voicemail. But you can send me a text message or I will call you back when I see a missed call.

Adam and Eve sex toys

Title: Getting out of a sexual rut

Relationships take a lot of work. We have to be mindful of our partner, respect them and their time, remember what they like in their coffee, deal with jealousy issues, show them our appreciation, not lean on them to fill our needs, and so on. It’s a constant juggle, but with the right person is worth all of the effort. However there’s one thing that can be tough. It can be a tough that can make or break you if you get in over your head. That tough being bad sex or getting stuck in a sexual rut.

All relationships go through this phase. It’s only natural. You get to know a person after a certain amount of time and you simply for what works. They do the same and then BAM, you’re in a rut. If the sex is bad from the start, well then that’s an even bigger issue. This may not fly for you if you consider sex to be a big deal in the relationship. If not, then you might be ok. Either way, once you’ve acknowledged a problem, your best bet is to address it head on and try to fix it.

First talk to your partner and express your concern. Be very careful with the way you address this topic, as your partner could be sensitive. Come at it from an angle that includes the both of you and doesn’t place blame on you or your partner. Talk about how you want to grow as a couple and you feel like you’re stuck at the moment because of this. Once you’ve got them listening, pose some ideas of how to make things exciting or in some cases, better.

Continue to reassure them along the way and that you want to do this for the both of you.

But now you need some ideas, don’t you? Don’t worry, I gotchu.

Do something as easy as changing the time of day you get busy. Do you always go for nightime nookie? Switch it up to the morning or a mid afternoon romp. You’ll see them in literally a different light of day.

Try incorporating sex toys. If you’re into penetrative sex, look into getting a strap on or a g spot vibrator. If you’re into oral, get tongue vibrators or you can even try nipple clamps if you’re into nipple play. Need some more ideas? Check out Adam and Eve sex toys.

Get frisky outside of the bedroom. Maybe you just shack up in different rooms in your house or maybe you hit the back seat of your car, a park or even a movie theatre. Explore your wild side and let go of your inhibitions.

Watch porn together. This is a great idea if you feel like you need a little inspiration to get you going. Select a film that covers a few new positions or ideas for the two of you and then reenact a few of them. It might be as fun as it is pleasurable.

Wine and dine each other. Sometimes all we need is a little romance and if that’s fallen off the table, it’s time to put it back in play. Get dressed up, open doors, and wine and dine your lady. End your night in an extra special outfit just for her.

Read literotica to each other. This can be a really great way to get you in the mood and to facilitate dirty talk. And you can do the same as you did with the porn and use it as inspiration.

Propose some of these ideas to your partner and see if she has any to offer in return. The moment you start talking is the moment your sex life will improve.

World AIDS day – Yumbo drag queens raising money 1st Dec 2012

World AIDS day fundraise Yumbo gran canaria lesbian gay centre Playa del Ingles

YUMBO Christmas Market – Playa del Ingles Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria

A fabulous time to visit the Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria is now Christmas time when a Christmas Market will take place in the main Yumbo square. With an ice rink and many beautiful little wooden Christmas huts selling all manner of gifts from food and drink to Christmas presents, there’s sure to be a fantastic atmosphere in the Yumbo every day and evening.

More details on the facebook page

Jazz restaurant night starts opens in Yumbo – FACECOOK RESTAURANT

FACEOOK RESTAURANT on the 1st floor of Playa del Ingles’ Yumbo centre starts a new jazz bar evening every Wednesday from 20h. Come for a delicious meal and enjoy live jazz whilst you eat! See their information here

Watch the Monkey Bar girls on youtube

Watch the video clip here

Monkey Bar lesbian bar has facebook group

We’re delighted to tell you we now have a facebook group so please join us a friend there so we can keep you updated on new things we’re planning to do for girls in Gran Canaria. Please add your photos too! Facebook group

Monkey Bar lesbian bar and Burleskas dance club night collaborate

Monkey Bar – the only bar in the Yumbo owned by girls, run by girls and for girls! – collaborates with Burleskas dance session, a fabulous burlesque night only for girls on Friday 11 May. The Monkey Bar will be one of the few sales points for tickets for this event. Tickets are only 10 euros and, if you show your ticket in the Monkey Bar, you’ll get a free shot every time you buy an alcoholic drink! (excluding shots) Every single night during Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 !!!!
On parade day we will all go through the streets together with 2 fantastic cars, DJs and music. Party, party, party!! Then back to the Monkey Bar for a final girls party into the early hours of the morning!
Join us every night in the Yumbo! More information on Monkey Bar and Burleskas

New LESBIAN BAR opens in Yumbo Gran Canaria in time for Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012

*** THE MONKEY BAR IS NOW CLOSED UNTIL GAY PRIDE MASPALOMAS 2014 *** THE MONKEY BAR IS open again – on a grassy terrace to the right of the Yumbo main stage.
With the gorgeous Tania working behind the bar and great drinks prices, who can fail to want to go and visit this new exciting bar during their lesbian holiday in Gran Canaria?  Jacky Nails will be there too and I’m sure you know her from your previous visits to the island!
Checkout the Monkey Bar Business Page for more information and photos

TT-Guesthouse joins

TT-Guesthouse has just joined and is available to EVERYONE! lesbian-accommodation-playa-del-ingles-B&B-gay-hetersexual-Gran-CanariaTT-Guesthouse Playa del Ingles offers luxury B&B accommodation in the heart of Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria perfect for everyone whether gay, lesbian, heterosexual or families. Fitness room available too!

TT Guesthouse Playa del Ingles was renovated at the end of 2011 and now offers a modern and ambient environment perfect for a relaxing holiday in Gran Canaria. More information

New B&B accommodation Playa del Ingles (TT-Guesthouse)

lesbian-accommodation-playa-del-ingles-B&B-gay-hetersexual-Gran-CanariaTT-Guesthouse Playa del Ingles offers luxury B&B accommodation in the heart of Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria perfect for everyone whether gay, lesbian, heterosexual or families. Fitness room available too!

TT Guesthouse Playa del Ingles was renovated at the end of 2011 and now offers a modern and ambient environment perfect for a relaxing holiday in Gran Canaria. The guesthouse offers 5 different rooms:

Facecook Restaurant – Yumbo Playa del Ingles

lesbian-friendly-restaurant-playa-del-ingles-gran-canaria-facecookFacecook restaurant welcomes EVERYONE to their superb venue situated in CC Yumbo of Playa del Ingles, on the middle floor opposite the restaurant Bei Lelo. Owned and run by Tom and Tobias, it is open for you daily from 6 pm. Checkout further information on their facebook page or read on……..

Salsasize Playa del Ingles exercise classes (salsacise Playa del Ingles)

SALSASIZE (SALSACISE) is coming to Playa del Ingles. To TT Fitness studio in San Fernando’s Ronda centre, to be precise! Suitable for EVERYONE –  straight, gay or lesbian.Checkout the TT Fitness timetable or join TT Fitness on facebook Please come and join us!!

Zumba on mian stage of Yumbo during Carnival

Join the fantastic Zumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa party in the Yumbo square several evening during Carnival in February / March 2012.  Party party party to zumba sounds and dance moves. No need to be experienced. Everyone welcome and it’s freeeeeeeeeeeee!!  See schedule for info

Jazzercise Classes Playa del Ingles

JAZZERCISE is coming to Playa del Ingles. To TT Fitness studio in San Fernando’s Ronda centre, to be precise! Checkout the TT Fitness timetable or join TT Fitness on facebook Suitable for all ages and nationalities whether you are straight, gay or lesbian. Please come and join us!!

Jazzercise is a dance-based group fitness program. Each 60-minute Jazzercise class features a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and Latin-style movements set to popular music. The Jazzercise program was founded in 1969 by Jazzercise CEO Judi Sheppard Missett. Today, Jazzercise involves 7,800 instructors teaching more than 32,000 classes weekly in all 50 states and 32 countries. In 2009/2010 Jazzercise reported 96 Million in revenue. On the 2011 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list, Jazzercise ranks as the #1 fitness franchise and #17 overall. In March 2009, MSNBC placed Jazzercise in their top 5 list of proven franchises that provide growth opportunity. Jazzercise has partnered with two-time “Dancing with the Stars” champion Cheryl Burke, a company spokesperson through 2011.

Lesbian boat trip / lesbian boat cruise Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012

Wednesday 9 May 2012 is the day for the Lesbian Boat Cruise during Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 in Gran Canaria. Please email me through the contacts page if you would like to buy tickets. They sold out last year so book soon – you can pay quickly and easily via Paypal.

Carnival Maspalomas / Carnaval Maspalomas 2012 + Zumba fun

Carnival Maspalomas 2012 is coming soon and the stage is already being built in the Yumbo. Every year it attracts thousands of lesbian, gay and heterosexual people to maspalomas for a string of parties and events throughout the week. It’s taking place between Feb 25 and March 4 and there’ll be events every single day. Take a look at the Zumba Camp website for details of some of the classes that week and watch this space for info about Zumba on the main stage of the Yumbo during carnival.

Even better news there will be Zumba on the main stage regularly. Come and watch or join in the latest fitness craze to sweep the world. Maybe you’d like to come to Zumba classes too

TT Fitness Gran Canaria – San Fernando fitness studio

playa-del-ingles-gym-classes-gran-canaria-lesbian-straight-gayA new fitness studio opened its doors last week in the new Ronda Centre of San Fernando offering a huge range of classes:

yoga, Zumba, tae-bo, Bodypump, Flexi-bar, aerobics, step, bio gym, bodystyling and more!!

Come along and see for yourself what is happening. Classes are very cost effective and great fun and suitable for everyone – gay, lesbian, heterosexual, all nationalities and ages.

Facebook page

Class schedule

Zumba Gran Canaria in Playa del Ingles – new studio

The best Zumba classes in Gran Canaria now have a new dance studio opening tonight! Come down to the Ronda Centre in San Fernando for your first taste of Zumba and other fitness classes that the centre plans to offer!! Sessions from 20:30.

See the new timetable for ALL  of TT Fitness classes or their facebook page

New Year’s Eve Yumbo Gran Canaria

Wondering what to do on New year’s eve while on holiday in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria? Come to the Yumbo and watch the amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzing fireworks at midnight. Whether you’re gay or lesbian or straight everyone will be welcome and enjoy!

More Zumba classes, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

Great news for lovers of the dance fitness craze ZUMBA as more Playa del Ingles zumba classes are available from January 2012 in San Fernando’s Ronda centre. The organiser, Tobias Greb, has just opened a new fitness studio under than name TT Fitness and will be running not only more Gran Canaria zumba classes but also organising Tae-bo, yoga, bodypump and body-styling classes.

Full details can be found on their new TT Fitness facebook page or on the TT Fitness schedule

Booked your holiday for Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 in Gran Canaria yet??

If not then take a look at some of the events that happened during gay Pride Maspalomas 2011 in Gran Canaria to get an idea of the fun you’re in for in only a few months time – 7 to 13 May 2012.

Lesbian Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 in Gran Canaria

BISTRO CHEZ VOUS – Playa del Ingles French restaurant Gran Canaria

BISTRO CHEZ VOUS is a beautiful new french restaurant in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria situated on Avda de Tirajana, just a few minutes walk from the Yumbo centre.
With a great variety of authentic french cuisine and wines served by some delightful french waiters and waitresses it really is a genuine taste of France in the heart of Playa del Ingles. A fantastic french bistro / french brasserie. Click on the title above for a full page of information about Bistro Chez Vous.

There is a daily changing set menu and a beautiful choice of dishes if you prefer to eat a la carte.
The french restaurant is open daily from 18:00 to 24:00
You can make a booking by calling 928 777 924 0r 616 752 049

New Playa del Ingles FRENCH RESTAURANT Gran Canaria nr Yumbo joins BISTRO CHEZ VOUS

BISTRO CHEZ VOUS – a beautiful new Gran Canarian FRENCH restaurant in Playa del Ingles has just joined With a wide range of delicious and authentic french foods and wines served by french staff it’s a great addition to Playa del Ingles’s selection of restaurants. Only a few minutes walk from the Gay Yumbo centre, the restaurant has already become a hit with Gran Canaria lesbian and gay visitors to Playa del Ingles and naturally is very straight-friendly too, attracting locals and families as well as holidaymakers.

With a set price menu that changes daily and is great value for money and a beautiful selection of French a la carte dishes, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a delightful french restaurant / french bistro / french brasserie in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria!

Checkout their advert on our BUSINESS PAGE or take a look at Chez Vous’ facebook page

Playa del Ingles Zumba Classes now every Tuesday and Thursday

Enjoy zumba at Sala Corazon partio, Avda Alfreces Provisionales every Thursday from 19h to 20h or from 20h to 21h. A great way to exercise! See their facebook page for more information. Clases are now every weekday in the new Ronda Centre too. See the TT fitness schedule for info UPDATE FEBRUARY 2012 – ALL CLASSES ARE NOW IN RONDA CENTRE OF SAN FERNANDO. SEE TIMETABLE FOR INFO

Aqua Zumba Gran Canaria in Playa del Ingles coming soon!

Coming soon we now have Aqua Zumba Gran Canaria in Playa del Ingles, a great way to get fit, exercise and have fun all at the same time! Checkout the website for full details of the Gran Canaria Aqua Zumba classes taking place in Playa del Ingles by clicking here Great fun for everyone whether straight or gay, lesbian, male or female, young or old, all nationalities. And if you don’t like water then why not come along to one of the other Playa del Ingles Zumba classes run by Tobias every Tuesday and Thursday evening?

You can see full details of these classes on their business page here.
All classes are for EVERYONE – straight, gay, lesbian, young, old, male, female!!

Breast cancer awareness day – Wednesday 19 October

Gay and lesbian bars around the Yumbo will be helping raise money for ACCM – canarian breast cancer charity – on Wed 19 October. Many of the bars will be selling glostix as a fundraising initiative and aiming to raise several hundred euros for the charity that GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo) supported earlier in 2011.

Or go to Kim’s Bar in CC Chaparal where the fabulous Asa will be doing a drag show and helping to raise further monies.

Playa del Ingles Zumba classes Gran Canaria – now daily!

Great news for Zumba class lovers! The Zumba classes in Playa del Ingles run by Tobias Greb have proved SO popular that he is now running them daily! So come down to Sala Corazon Partio – between Neptuno Hotel and Las Walkirias – on Avda Alfreces Provisionales at 19h or 20:00 THURSDAYS for an hour of great fun and Zumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Or go to the new TT Fitness studio in the Ronda Centre on all other weekdays. See the schedule here

Zumba Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Live in Las Palmas Gran Canaria and looking for Las Palmas Zumba classes? Look no further – just hop in your car and drive to Playa del Ingles where we’re now holding weekly Zumba classes. Whether you’re young or old, straight, gay or lesbian, these Zumba fitness classes in Playa del Ingles are perfect aerobics classes and dance classes. Checkout the Zumba fitness class Gran Canaria here for a weekly zumba camp or see the TT Fitness schedule for daily classes every week

Las Palmas Zumba classes are only a 30 minute drive down the GC1 to Playa del Ingles.

Zumba fitness Playa del Ingles – latest sensational fun dance Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria

Zumba Gran Canaria website Zumba is the latest fitness sensation to be sweeping across Europe! With thousands of avid fans of Zumba, it has finally reached Gran Canaria where Playa del Ingles fitness sessions are now taking place weekly near the Yumbo. So if you’re looking for a fitness class in Playa del Ingles or aerobics in Playa del Ingles then do give our Gran Canaria Zumba dance and fitness classes a try!

Aerobics in Gran Canaria is often hard to find but Zumba provides excellent aerobic and fitness sessions thru the medium of fun dance sessions.  So if you’d like to get fit the fun way and think you’d enjoy greater fitness in Playa del Ingles do checkout the Zumba Gran Canaria website.

Playa del Ingles dance classes are pretty rare too but we also have a range of classes from Zumba dance to flamenco dance to sevilla dance so cater to all tastes! There is even a Zumba aqua class for those who prefer exercising in water!

Whether you’re young or old, straight or gay or lesbian then our Zumba fitness Playa del Ingles classes will be terrific fun for you. Come and enjoy dance in Playa del Ingles and a fitness class in Gran Canaria whether you live here or are a tourist.

TT Fitness schedule here

Zumba dance classes – classes for EVERYONE – STRAIGHT, LESBIAN, GAY friendly dance classes Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria join website

Need to work off some of those calories AFTER Christmas? Then Zumba classes in Playa del Ingles are the perfect way to do it and you can find further information on the Zumba Gran Canaria website or their Zumba Playa del Ingles facebook page or on our Gran Canaria Business Page UPDATE FEBRUARY 2012 – ALL CLASSES ARE NOW IN RONDA CENTRE OF SAN FERNANDO. SEE TIMETABLE FOR INFO

These Playa del Ingles Zumba dance classes are for EVERYONE – whether you are young or old, straight or gay. They are lesbian and gay friendly and attract people of all ages and levels, lesbians of all nationalities and fitness levels as well as gay men and many, many heterosexual people too of course. Whoever you are,  a Zumba class in Gran Canaria is an excellent aerobic dance class that will burn off calories whilst you actually have fun!!

Zumba dance classes Playa del Ingles – for EVERYONE!! Young, old, straight, gay or lesbian!

Do you want to keep Healthy and Fit? Do you want to have Fun? Do you want to make New Friends? Need to work off some of those calories after Christmas? Then Zumba Fitness classes in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria are the best way to do it. Click link above to read on…..

Lesbian Gran Canaria in Las Palmas

To misquote Michael Caine…..Not a lot of people know this but there are several lesbian bars and gay bars in the north of Gran Canaria in Las Palmas. It’s only 35 minutes drive from the Yumbo centre – gay and lesbian capital of Gran Canaria – but why not take a trip up there for […]

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 Gran Canaria Yumbo – lesbian and gay May 7 to 13th

Superb week of events coming up in May 2012. Gay Pride 2012 Gran Canaria is one of the longest and best Gay Pride’s in Europe. Taking place around Playa del Ingles’ Yumbo centre – a predominantly gay and lesbian centre full of bars, clubs, shops and restaurants, it’s the perfect backdrop for a series of events for gay and lesbians alike. What’s happening for lesbian’s during Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 !

LESBIAN CORNER – situated in the main Yumbo square between Buddies and Diamonds and in front of the mian stage will be the hub of the activity with live music and entertainment.

The BEST Zumba classes in Gran Canaria!

“The BEST Zumba dance class in Gran Canaria!” They’re the words from 2 of the attendees at last night’s Playa del Ingles Zumba Class run by Tobias Greb, famous for his fitness classes in Germany and now in Playa del Ingles. The classes are for EVERYONE – straight or gay, young or old, any nationality, male or female!!!!!

Last night saw a mixed group of various nationalities gathered in Sala Corazon Partio for a taste of Zumba. For many it was their first session, for others like the lady in our quote above, she had attended several but this was the first time she had enjoyed a class.

“Tobias was excellent” she said afterwards, after recovering her breath from the exhilarating session. “He have off such enthusiasm and made it all seem like so much fun it didn’t feel like exerice at all, more an enjoyable time”.

Whatever your fitness levels you can join in the class as you can put as much or little effort into it as you’re capable of doing. It’s a fantastic way to burn energy and lose calories.

Why not join the class next Thursday at 20h? Full details on the Zumba Playa del Ingles facebook page or on their business ad here or if you want details of their week-long Zumba Camp then checkout the Zumba Gran Canaria page here.

Jacky Nails Gran Canaria / Jackie Nails Gran Canaria

Hi everyone who may be looking for me to ask about Gran Canaria lesbian events or Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 lesbian events. Please contact me through the contacts page on or you can send me a message via facebook in for prefer by going to my facebook page Generic Viagra – Genuine Sildenafil

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 – Gay Pride Gran Canaria

We had a fantastic time at Gay Pride Maspalomas 2011 with huge crowds, great atmosphere and 10 days of activities for lesbian visitors to Gran Canaria and their gay friends.

2012 will be even bigger and better! Checkout what’s happening for lesbians in Gay Pride Gran Canaria here and join us nightly in LESBIAN CORNER of the Yumbo, situated in the main Yumbo Square between Buddies Bar and Diamonds Bar, right in front of the main stage.

And if there’re any lesbian events, lesbian bars, lesbian clubs, lesbian days out in Gran Canaria that you’d like to suggest then just go to the contacts page and please email me.

1 bed apartment for rent Playa del Ingles near Yumbo Gran Canaria – click here for info

Beautiful 1 bed apartment available for rent immediately. Teneguia, Avda Tirajana, 3 minutes walk from Yumbo, Playa del Ingles.

Ideal for lesbian accommodation or gay accommodation thanks to closeness to Yumbo. But also very suitable for heterosexuals too!

Staggering 20,045 euros raised for ACCM !

The GLAY campaign to raise money reached an amazing 20,045 euros – the most money ever raised in a single donation for the ACCM charity. Along with the friends of Puerto Rico, GLAY organised many fundraising events – gay, lesbian and straight – in Playa del Ingles, Arguineguin, Tauro and Puerto Rico and were delighted […]

The Harp Puerto Rico – fundraising for GLAY’s ACCM campaign

Another fab night of enetertainment coming up on Monday 25 April at The Harp, centro comercial, Puerto Rico in aid of ACCM as part of GLAY’s fundraising campaign started on 8 March. Join everyone for music, burlesque dancers and fantastic prizes in the charity raffle. Come and support this excellent cause

More events for GLAY’s fundraising campaign for ACCM breast cancer charity

The GLAY campaign to raise money for ACCM goes from strength to strength with the barometer now showing over 5,000 euros and plenty more to come if the latest plans for fundraising events are anything to go by!! Take a look at the GLAY ACCM website for all the details

The Harp in Puerto Rico joins the campaign to raise money for ACCM

Steve from The Harp Bar in Puerto Rico has joined the campaign to raise thousands of euros for the Canarian breast cancer charity ACCM sponsored by Clinica Roca, The Canary News and Design Republic. . He is hosting a show on Monday 11 April from 22:30 to raise funds for this excellent cause. Hot off […]

GLAY breast cancer fundraising for ACCM – barometer rising!

Thanks to the generosity of locals and holidaymakers alike the GLAY campaign to raise money for ACCM breast cancer is doing brilliantly! The barometer in Fuze Bar of the Yumbo now stands at 3009 euros! Recent contributions are from sponsorship monies raised by Jamie of Ricky’s Bar, Michael of Sparkles Bar and Jacky “Nails” who’re […]

GLAY parachute jump for ACCM breast cancer charity

Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo continue to raise money for ACCM – canarian breast cancer charity. So far several thousand euros have been raised but they want to raise thousands more. On 30 April 2011 several volunteers will be doing a sponsored tandem parachute jump and Jacky Donovan – who runs this lesbian Gran Canaria […]

Simply Pink Pool Party in Puerto Rico

Missee – one of the Yumbo’s favourite drag queens – is organising a pool party at Blue Star complex in Puerto Rico on Friday 8 April to raise money for GLAY’s breast cancer fundraising campaign on behalf of ACCM. Please checkout the details on Missee Drag’s facebook page and come along or donate prizes or […]

GLAY tandem parachute jump raising money for ACCM and ACES

GLAY – Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo – are continuing their fundraising for ACCM – Canarian breast cancer charity – by holding a series of tandem parachute jumps in April to raise money not just for ACCM but also ACES (Canarian AIDS charity). If you’d like to contribute please sponsor Jacky who runs the lesbian […]

GLAY’s charity fundraiser for ACCM raised over 2000 euros on 8 March!

Great news for the Canarian breast cancer charity ACCM as GLAY raised over 2000 euros with the launch of its fundraising campaign on 8 March! People dug deep into their pockets for both a raffle and an auction and an amazing night was had by all in Fuze Bar of the Yumbo. Watch this space […]

GLAY breast cancer charity launch for ACCM – 8 March

Only 2 days to go until GLAY (Gay / Lesbian Association Yumbo) have their launch party for the breast cancer fundraising appeal which will run until Gay Pride in May. Pop into Fuze Bar of the Yumbo where it’s taking place on Tuesday 8 March 2011 from 21:00. There’s a wide variety of entertainment from […]

The Canary News are sponsoring the GLAY breast cancer charity campaign for ACCM

Great news made by the people who write the news! The Canary News are now supporting GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo) campaign to raise money for ACCM (Canarian Breast Cancer Charity). The launch party is 8 March in Fuze Bar of the Yumbo where there’ll be entertainment from the likes of Jo Frances and […]

Gran Canaria gay and lesbian scene win Pink Paper award!

The UK’s lesbian and gay publication, Pink Paper, award for best overseas destination put Gran Canaria second only to New York! This means that Gran Canaria is Europe’s FAVOURITE overseas destination for gay and lesbians beating the likes of Berlin, Madrid, London, Barcelona, Paris etc! So what better incentive, if you haven’t already done so, […]

Hospiten Clinica Roca sponsor GLAY charity campaign for ACCM (Canarian Breast Cancer Charity)

Hospiten Clinica Roca in Gran Canaria have just agreed to sponsor GLAY (Gay and lesbian Association Yumbo) campaign to raise money for ACCM (Asociacion Canaria de Cancer de Mama) and increase people’s awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection of the disease. The launch is on 8 March in Fuze Bar of […]

Bras and bikini tops wanted for charity campaign – GLAY and ACCM

Ladies, you must all have bras and bikini tops stowed away at the back of cupboards and drawers that you never wear but are loathe to throw away!?? Please let us have them! GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo) are collecting them as part of a major charity initiative so please bring them into Fuze […]

Sun Club studio apartment gay & lesbian friendly accommodation Playa del Ingles joins

We welcome a new gay and lesbian friendly studio apartment to our Gran Canaria gay and lesbian accommodation page on You can find full details of it on the Sun Club Studio Apartment web page. This gay and lesbian holiday apartment in Gran Canaria’s Playa del Ingles sleeps up to 2 people and is […]

Cafe caribe el Mulato, Playa del Ingles, FREE winetasting and tapas evening Saturday 22 Jan

Cafe Caribe el Mulato invites you to a free wine-tasting and caribbean tapas evening on Saturday 22 January 2011 from 18:30 to 20:00. With a superb selection of wines from Atlantic Wholesale including “Hardys” from Australia and “Echo Falls” from California, along with a delicious array of caribbean tapas, it should be a great evening […]

Ricky’s Cabaret Bar – another lesbian friendly bar in the Yumbo, Playa del Ingles

“Let your hair, down, put your feet up, relax, enjoy your holiday, laugh your tits off!” That’s as good an intro as any to the fabulous Ricky’s Bar in Playa del Inelgs’ Yumbo centre. That’s the tagline on Ricky’s Cabaret Bar’s facebook page anyway. Run by the lovely Penny and Gail and with a host of exotic and […]

Cafe El Mulato, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria joins website

Cafe el Mulato just joined to advertise its delicious array of Caribbean and international dishes to lesbian visitors to Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria, gay visitors to Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria and, naturally, to heterosexual visitors too! Further details can be found on Cafe El Mulato’s facebook page Before the beach, after the […]

Lesbian and gay bookstore opens in Gran Canaria Yumbo Centre – great Gran Canaria bookshop!

We’ve just come across a fantastic addition to Gran Canaria lesbian life (and Gran Canaria gay / LGBT life too!) as a new gay and lesbian bookshop / bookstore has just opened in Playa del Ingles’ Yumbo Centre. You can find full details of Arte & Jaleo on their Arte & Jaleo website and more […]

Give Gay Pride Maspalomas your business’ support

Gay Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria is the busiest week on any of the Canary Islands for tourists annually according to official statistics produced by the tourist office. It brings income to businesses across the south if the island from accommodation to bars and clubs and shops and restaurants. Whether your business is a gay […]

Gran Canaria Lesbian nightlife supports Breast Cancer charity

The members of the committee GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo) who organise Gay Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria annually have committed their support during Gay Pride 2011 for the Gran Canaria Breast Cancer Charity “Asociacion Canaria de Cancer de Mama” or ACCM. Pink Day in the Yumbo – Tuesday 10 May 2011 – will […]

Superb Playa del Ingles bar for sale

An amazing opportunity has just come on the market! Beautiful Playa del Ingles bar for sale not far from the Yumbo in Gran Canaria. Stylish and centrally located with comfy sofas, TV’s, music, pole for sexy dancers, gorgeous looking bar with many alternative uses. Only 5 mins from Yumbo gay centre for lesbian, gay and also heterosexual clients. Suitable for all sorts of future business potential. Email contacts page for more information

Possibilities for it to be a lesbian bar / gay bar / straight bar / dance bar / cafe bar during daytime hours / dance bar

Victor Saavedra photos available in DISTINT men’s fashion shop Playa del Ingles

DISTINT fashion shop in Avenida Tirajana, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria just announced that it is now stocking the photographic works of Victor Saavedra. You can find further information about his work on DISTINT’s Business Page on this website This is what Victor Saavedra says about his own work: ” I am a photographic “artist” […]

FRDK hairdresser and hairdressing salon in Playa del Ingles joins website

FRDK hairdressing salon run by Frederick, a Norwegian hairdresser who has lived in Gran Canaria for several years now, has just added its business profile to PLEASE NOTE that FRDK is not only for lesbians! FRDK naturally also welcomes heterosexual clients and Frederick has built up an enormous client list of all nationalities during the […]

DISTINT – Gran Canaria Playa del Ingles men’s fashion shop joins

We’re pleased to announce that DISTINT, a men’s fashion shop on Avenida de Tirajana in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria has just decided to advertise with us! It is situated in Edificio Las Camelias. Avda Tirajana 15 – Local 5, Playa del Ingles, 35100, Gran Canaria. Telephone number 0034 928 88 77 55 OR mobile […]

DISTINT – Gran Canaria men’s fashion shop / men’s clothes shop

DISTINT  is situated in Edificio Las Camelias. Avda Tirajana 15 – Local 5, Playa del Ingles, 35100, Gran Canaria and is run by Jenny and Inma, a lesbian couple who speak English, Spanish, German and Swedish.

FRDK – lesbian friendly hairdresser in Playa del Ingles

FRDK is a hairdressing salon on Avenida de Tirajana, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria. Owned and run by Frederick, a Norwegian hairdresser who has been living in Gran Canaria for many years now. Frederick speaks English, German, Spanish and Norwegian. FRDK hair salon is situated at the back of the Aparthotel Rondo, Avenida Tirajana, Playa […]

Gran Canaria lesbian information – advertise it here!

Do you have useful information for lesbians in Gran Canaria? Maybe you have some interesting health information for lesbians who live or visit Gran Canaria? Lesbian information in Gran Canaria safety or security. Lesbian information about Gran Canaria’s lesbian friendly businesses or events or other topics that would be useful for lesbians in Gran Canaria. […]

Gran Canaria lesbian businesses – advertise here!

Do you have a Gran Canaria lesbian business, Gran Canaria lesbian businesses, or even a lesbian friendly Gran Canaria business or businesses? If so, please contact us on this site to hear details of our superb advertising packages! The website is the number one Gran Canaria lesbian directory with information for lesbians in Gran Canaria whether […]

Christmas Carol Service in the Yumbo – lesbian, gay, everyone welcome!

A slightly different sort of event  for lesbians in Gran Canaria compared tothose  normally held in the Yumbo is happening on Monday 13 December when Diamonds Bar in the Yumbo, Gran Canaria, hosts a carol service for the Evangelical English Church in Playa del Ingles. The bar welcomes all Gran Canaria lesbian, gay, straight visitors whether […]

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Vacationing in Gran Canaria?

Boredom Shouldn’t Be A Problem

Ah yes, the Canary Islands—can’t you just feel the sand dissipating between your toes? The warm, intoxicating breeze delicately enveloping your body, creating the perfect paradise. While the Canary Islands are great as a whole, one island in particular has become a magnet for tourists from around the world; this island is called Gran Canaria.

If a vacation is on your horizon, then you should definitely consider a warm endeavor to Gran Canaria. A vacation to you might mean relaxing in your hotel room, winning a few bets at, and perhaps enjoying a margarita or two. However, should you choose to vacation in Gran Canaria, you may find that hard considering there is so much here to keep practically anyone happily occupied.

Gran Canaria lesbian and gay film festival 2011

“); ?>”); ?> The Gran Canaria lesbian and gay festival held annually in Gran Canaria is now open for entries for the 2011 lesbian and gay films. The festival will be held in January 2011 but entries from lesbian and gay people are invited now – click on the link to see how to send […]

Gran Canaria Gay Beauty Pageant

Saturday 27 November 2010 saw the Gay Gran Canaria Beauty Contest hosted at Hotel Melia Tamarindos in San Agustin.

Gran Canaria Lesbian and Gay Golf

Gran Canaria’s first lesbian and gay golf tournament has just been announced and will take place during Gay Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria during May 2011. Golf has always been a favourite pastime for lesbians and where better to play it than in the guaranteed sunshine of Gran Canaria? Gran Canaria Lesbian and Gay Golf buy […]

World AIDS Day – Gran Canaria lesbian and gay events in Yumbo

World AIDS Day on 1st December brings a host of Gran Canaria lesbian events and gay events to the Yumbo Centre. Jackies Bar – the lesbian bar in Gran Canaria’s Yumbo centre has already updated its website to say it will be raising money for AIDS on the day and is planning a Gran Canaria lesbian […]

Gran Canaria lesbian nightlife supports Gran Canaria Breast Cancer Charity ACCM

The members of the committee GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo) who organise Gay Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria annually have committed their support during Gay Pride 2011 for the Gran Canaria Breast Cancer Charity “Asociacion Canaria de Cancer de Mama” or ACCM.

Ricky’s Cabaret Bar – lesbian friendly Gran Canaria venue

Another great night for lesbian visitors to Gran Canaria. Ricky’s Cabaret Bar hosts nightly drag shows with karaoke evenings too – always a favourite with lesbians in Gran Canaria we’ve noticed! Rickys Cabaret Bar

Lesbian holiday to Gran Canaria for Gay Pride Maspalomas 2011

PLEASE CHECKOUT THE REST OF THIS WEBSITE FOR DETAILS OF OTHER GRAN CANARIA LESBIAN NIGHTLIFE, LESBIAN BARS AND CLUBS, LESBIAN ACCOMMODATION AND LESBIAN BUSINESSES!! Homepage here Lesbian Events Gay Pride Gran Canaria The Champagne Dining Club for lesbians is organising its annual lesbian holiday to Gran Canaria in May for Gay Pride Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. […]

Sparkles Show Bar – great drag acts

Another lesbian friendly Gran Canaria bar! Sparkles Showbar has been hosting drag acts nightly for many years in Gran Canaria’s infamous Yumbo Centre. So if you’re a Gran Canaria lesbian visitor pop in for a drink and some lively lesbian friendly nightlife! Sparkles Show Bar

Thursday nights @ Buddies

Lesbian and visiting Gran Canaria and looking for things to do in the Yumbo?? Why not visit Buddies Bar on a Thursday night for their weekly quiz night?? Starts at 10pm and the winning team get a 25 euro drink voucher! This Gran Canaria bar welcomes lesbians of all nationalities. Buddies Facebook page

Parrot Bar opens in Yumbo Gran Canaria – lesbian friendly

We popped along to the opening night of the new Parrot Bar, situated where Bar Nestor used to be in the Yumbo. With pretty lilacs and purple terrace and decor it looked vibrant and welcoming. The drag queen that night was fab with massive hair and OTT makeup! We’re sure it will attract many Gran Canaria lesbian visitors  […]

New Bar

This could be YOUR lesbian bar or lesbian club in Gran Canaria appearing here and getting more publicity and lesbian customers in Gran Canaria. Please go to the CONTACT page of to ask for details of our advertising packages

Yumbo Novelty Dog Show – The Canary News Review

You’d have to have been barking mad not to have joined the throng on Hallowe’en Sunday which saw GLAY‘s (Gay and Lesbian Association of Yumbo) Novelty Dog Show take place in the Yumbo main square. With the sounds of „how much is that doggy in the window“ and „they call it puppy love“ ringing out, […]

Hallowe’en in the Yumbo

Come to the Yumbo on 31 October for a night of witches and evil brews and all sorts of wizardry……… air conditioning units

Gay Pride Maspalomas 6 – 15 May 2011 + info for 2012

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2012 Gran Canaria – see below for links to lesbian events and gay events for 7 to 13 May 2012.

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2011 was 10 whole days of fun in the sun! Read on to see more about it and for link to 2012 info.

2011 is the 10th anniversary of Gay Pride Maspalomas, Gran Canaria’s biggest and best attended Gay Prides. Every year hundreds of thousands of gay men and lesbians flock to Gran Canaria for a fun-filled week of entertainment, parties, bars, clubs and events.

Gay Pride Maspalomas Lesbian Events Website and Gay Pride Maspalomas Website

Gay Pride Maspalomas Gran Canaria in 2011 will be the biggest ever for gay men and lesbians. To celebrate 10 years of Gay Pride in Gran Canaria we are planning 10 days of fun in the sun, one day for each year of Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas.

The festivities for lesbians and gay guys will start on Friday 6 May 2011  with a retrospective weekend of entertainment from performers who have previously appeared at Gay Pride Maspalomas. Amongst them many famous lesbian and gay acts.

The rest of the week will have parties, poolparties, stage events, a show for ACES/HIV, fireworks, discos, dance sessions, street parties and a fabulous final show on Saturday 14 May after the Gay Pride Maspalomas procession through the streets of  Playa del Ingles.

As thousands of lesbians come to Gran Canaria for Gay Pride Maspalomas there will also be lesbian parties, lesbian clubs, lesbian poolparties, lesbian boat trips and many other lesbian events.

Whether you are gay, lesbian or straight please join us at Gran Canaria Gay Pride Maspalomas for 10 days of fun in the sun for everyone!

Novelty Dog Show in the Yumbo – 31 October

Usually feeling “dog-tired” or “ruff” after a heavy Saturday night out?? Sometimes in need of a “hair of the dog” next day?? Then pop down to the Yumbo for the afternoon on Sunday 31 October 2010 for a fun and slightly crazy afternoon when GLAY will be hosting a Novelty Dog Show in aid of GLAY (raising money for Gay Pride 2011) and ANAHI (a Canarian animal charity).

Unlike normal dog shows there are no prizes here for best pedigree or obedience! Instead the categories include best dressed dog, dog that looks most like its owner, best set of 6 legs (dog and owner’s legs combine to win that prize!), most talented dog, prettiest bitch and most handsome dog. So, if you’ve always secretly thought your friend or next door neighbour bears a strong resemblance to his or her pet pooch, then make sure they know about the competition!!