Gran Canaria Yoga classes in Playa del Ingles

Great news for yoga lovers as some yoga classes are about to start in the new year in San Fernando, Playa del Ingles where a new fitness studio has just opened offering yoga, zumba, tae-bo, bodypump and other fitness classes. Ronda Centre

Suitable for heterosexual, lesbian, gay, men and women of all ages and nationalities.

See the TT Fitness schedule for details or come along at 15h on Saturday 11 February for a free discussion and to arrange classes. Details also on TT Fitness facebook page

BURLESKAS – lesbian club night Friday 10 May – Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013

gay-pride-maspalomas-lesbian-club-night-gran-canariaMaspalomas will host in May the third edition of BurLesKAS, a superb “only for women” project. It’s a ‘burlesque’ theme party that will take place as one of the major events for Gay Pride  Maspalomas in fantastic club PACHA. You can already buy your entrance tickets and book the accommodation using the organizer’s website:

NEW Monkey Bar – Lesbian Bar Yumbo Centre – NEW LOCATION TO THE RIGHT OF THE STAGE


The only bar in the Yumbo FOR girls and BY girls.

With DJs Monique 69, Becky and Heidi, and great music nightly, a fantastic party atmosphere and terrific drinks prices it’s the ONLY place to be for girls. We look forward to seeing you soon. We apologise that we had to move from our position above BurgerKing but the Police insisted that we do so for safety reasons and allocated us the new space we are now in.

Join us on facebook now.





Monkey Bar Lesbian Bar opens for Gay Pride

*** THE MONKEY BAR IS NOW CLOSED ***gran-canaria-lesbian-bar-yumbo-monkey-barThe Monkey Bar girls are back and getting ready to party, party, party in the NEW Monkey Bar Lesbian Bar. You will  find us in our fantastic new venue to the right of the stage in the Yumbo. Gay Pride has a lesbian bar once again! We apologise for our move from the roof terrace of Burger King but the police requested we do so for safety reasons

We’re delighted to be supporting GLAY financially with a banner and advertising revenues and also to be working in partnership with an existing Yumbo business who also support GLAY every year for Gay Pride.

Watch this space for further details. We can’t wait for our regular customers to come back and for new ones to join our fantastic party atmosphere – great DJs, sexy bar staff and terrific drinks prices.

The ONLY OFFICIAL Lesbian Pool Party – Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013

Sunday 12 May is the ONLY OFFICIAL lesbian pool party during Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 and will be held at Walkirias Hotel, Playa del Ingles, beside the Yumbo from 13:00 til 18:00. Sponsored by L Fest - The award winning lesbian music, arts & comedy festival.  July 19-22nd

Tickets are only 10 euros and available at the Gay Pride Maspalomas website or at the door.

DJ and live entertainment.

Note this is the ONLY OFFICIAL lesbian pool party. Putting all profits back into Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 and NOT into people’s pockets! Pride is organised by a team of volunteers and can only happen if sufficient money is raised through sponsorship and official events so PLEASE help Gay Pride Maspalomas continued success by only supporting OFFICIAL events!

Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 – OFFICIAL lesbian boat cruise PIRATE SHIP!

lesbian-gran-canaria-gay-pride-maspalomas-2013-lesbian-boat-cruise-pirate-shipWednesday 8 May 2013 and we have the Gay Pride Maspalomas 2013 LESBIAN BOAT CRUISE on board the fabulous PIRATE SHIP Timanfaya!

Note this is the ONLY official lesbian boat trip during Pride – putting profits back into Pride not into other people’s pockets!!

Sponsored by findhrr - the only app for girls to find girls and events across the world!

..Tickets are only 40 euros per person and include:

  • return coach travel Yumbo / Puerto Rico
  • all your food
  • all your drinks
  • banana boat ride
  • party, party, party!

Book tickets in advance by making Paypal payment transfer to [email protected] and then collect them from Jacky Donovan who always organises the lesbian events for Gay Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. Book early as the lesbian cruise sold out last year!

Findhrr – new app to find girls! The Social Network and Travel Guide for Gay and Bisexual Women



Ladies, download FindHrr on your iPhones to discover the ultimate lesbian lifestyle guide and connect with other gay and bisexual women. Available now, freefrom the App Store, it’s set to take the lesbian world by storm.

Besides simply playing Cupid, facilitating new dates and friendships across the globe, FindHrr uses geo-technology and pin-mapping to position lesbian users in relation to local gay goings-on. It’s an L-GPS, if you will.

Whether you’re at home, away or planning a holiday, expand the horizons of your “scene” and discover new hangouts. Keen travellers can locate gay districtsworldwide – from Soho, London to Castro, San Francisco – and browse recommendations of lesbian-friendly hotels.

FindHrr offers a comprehensive and reliable A-Z of gay barsclubs and events the world over. It also gives users the lowdown on lesbian-friendly restaurantsand cafes, providing the essential drinking and dining directory.

In the ‘Erotica’ section, you’ll find a titillating yet tasteful guide to local hotspots at your fingertips. If you’re after some raunchy retail therapy, flick through to find sex shops in the vicinity. Please note, however, that images featuring nudity are strictly prohibited on both venue listings and personal profiles.

After all that indulgence, make use of the app’s ‘Well-Being’ and ‘Sport’ facilities, which direct you to local gyms, exercise classes and ladies’ sports teams. You’ll need to recharge your batteries if you want to make the most of your city stay, so why not preen and pamper yourself at one of our listed hairdressers and beauty salons?

gran-canaria-lesbian-app-findhrrThe lesbian’s answer to TripAdvisor, FindHrr revolutionises the experience of socialising, dating and networking. The app offers impartial and trustworthy advice from likeminded women, making it easy and fun to plan your next adventure. Users can share experiences and upload photos to each venue listing, with comments updated in real-time.

The app presently covers 150 cities, but with regular updates in the pipeline, users can follow FindHrr’s quest for world domination.

English Playa del Ingles nurse Gran Canaria (female)

I’m an English nurse living in Playa del Ingles and available for all sorts of minor ailments you may need taking care of, whether you’re on holiday in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria or living here.

I have over 30 years nursing experience both working in the community and also in A&E departments.

Whatever your home care nursing needs please give me a call to discuss your requirements. My prices are very reasonable, usually only 10 euros an hour for most ailments.

Examples of things I can cover include:
- administering injections
- wound dressing
- obesrvation / monitoring of blood pressure

And, if you are unable to leave your house while sick, I can help with basic household requests including shopping, walking the dog etc.

Please give me a call on 630 207 908. If I am unable to answer your call please don’t leave me a message as I am unable to pick up voicemail. But you can send me a text message or I will call you back when I see a missed call.

Adam and Eve sex toys

Title: Getting out of a sexual rut

Relationships take a lot of work. We have to be mindful of our partner, respect them and their time, remember what they like in their coffee, deal with jealousy issues, show them our appreciation, not lean on them to fill our needs, and so on. It’s a constant juggle, but with the right person is worth all of the effort. However there’s one thing that can be tough. It can be a tough that can make or break you if you get in over your head. That tough being bad sex or getting stuck in a sexual rut.

All relationships go through this phase. It’s only natural. You get to know a person after a certain amount of time and you simply for what works. They do the same and then BAM, you’re in a rut. If the sex is bad from the start, well then that’s an even bigger issue. This may not fly for you if you consider sex to be a big deal in the relationship. If not, then you might be ok. Either way, once you’ve acknowledged a problem, your best bet is to address it head on and try to fix it.

First talk to your partner and express your concern. Be very careful with the way you address this topic, as your partner could be sensitive. Come at it from an angle that includes the both of you and doesn’t place blame on you or your partner. Talk about how you want to grow as a couple and you feel like you’re stuck at the moment because of this. Once you’ve got them listening, pose some ideas of how to make things exciting or in some cases, better.

Continue to reassure them along the way and that you want to do this for the both of you.

But now you need some ideas, don’t you? Don’t worry, I gotchu.

Do something as easy as changing the time of day you get busy. Do you always go for nightime nookie? Switch it up to the morning or a mid afternoon romp. You’ll see them in literally a different light of day.

Try incorporating sex toys. If you’re into penetrative sex, look into getting a strap on or a g spot vibrator. If you’re into oral, get tongue vibrators or you can even try nipple clamps if you’re into nipple play. Need some more ideas? Check out Adam and Eve sex toys.

Get frisky outside of the bedroom. Maybe you just shack up in different rooms in your house or maybe you hit the back seat of your car, a park or even a movie theatre. Explore your wild side and let go of your inhibitions.

Watch porn together. This is a great idea if you feel like you need a little inspiration to get you going. Select a film that covers a few new positions or ideas for the two of you and then reenact a few of them. It might be as fun as it is pleasurable.

Wine and dine each other. Sometimes all we need is a little romance and if that’s fallen off the table, it’s time to put it back in play. Get dressed up, open doors, and wine and dine your lady. End your night in an extra special outfit just for her.

Read literotica to each other. This can be a really great way to get you in the mood and to facilitate dirty talk. And you can do the same as you did with the porn and use it as inspiration.

Propose some of these ideas to your partner and see if she has any to offer in return. The moment you start talking is the moment your sex life will improve.

YUMBO Christmas Market – Playa del Ingles Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria

A fabulous time to visit the Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria is now Christmas time when a Christmas Market will take place in the main Yumbo square. With an ice rink and many beautiful little wooden Christmas huts selling all manner of gifts from food and drink to Christmas presents, there’s sure to be a fantastic atmosphere in the Yumbo every day and evening.

More details on the facebook page

Facecook Restaurant – Yumbo Playa del Ingles

lesbian-friendly-restaurant-playa-del-ingles-gran-canaria-facecookFacecook restaurant welcomes EVERYONE to their superb venue situated in CC Yumbo of Playa del Ingles, on the middle floor opposite the restaurant Bei Lelo. Owned and run by Tom and Tobias, it is open for you daily from 6 pm. Checkout further information on their facebook page or read on……..

TT Fitness Gran Canaria – San Fernando fitness studio

playa-del-ingles-gym-classes-gran-canaria-lesbian-straight-gayA new fitness studio opened its doors last week in the new Ronda Centre of San Fernando offering a huge range of classes:

yoga, Zumba, tae-bo, Bodypump, Flexi-bar, aerobics, step, bio gym, bodystyling and more!!

Come along and see for yourself what is happening. Classes are very cost effective and great fun and suitable for everyone – gay, lesbian, heterosexual, all nationalities and ages.

Facebook page

Class schedule

BISTRO CHEZ VOUS – Playa del Ingles French restaurant Gran Canaria

BISTRO CHEZ VOUS is a beautiful new french restaurant in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria situated on Avda de Tirajana, just a few minutes walk from the Yumbo centre.
With a great variety of authentic french cuisine and wines served by some delightful french waiters and waitresses it really is a genuine taste of France in the heart of Playa del Ingles. A fantastic french bistro / french brasserie. Click on the title above for a full page of information about Bistro Chez Vous.

There is a daily changing set menu and a beautiful choice of dishes if you prefer to eat a la carte.
The french restaurant is open daily from 18:00 to 24:00
You can make a booking by calling 928 777 924 0r 616 752 049

Zumba dance classes Playa del Ingles – for EVERYONE!! Young, old, straight, gay or lesbian!

Do you want to keep Healthy and Fit? Do you want to have Fun? Do you want to make New Friends? Need to work off some of those calories after Christmas? Then Zumba Fitness classes in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria are the best way to do it. Click link above to read on…..

Superb Playa del Ingles bar for sale

An amazing opportunity has just come on the market! Beautiful Playa del Ingles bar for sale not far from the Yumbo in Gran Canaria. Stylish and centrally located with comfy sofas, TV’s, music, pole for sexy dancers, gorgeous looking bar with many alternative uses. Only 5 mins from Yumbo gay centre for lesbian, gay and also heterosexual clients. Suitable for all sorts of future business potential. Email contacts page for more information

Possibilities for it to be a lesbian bar / gay bar / straight bar / dance bar / cafe bar during daytime hours / dance bar

DISTINT – Gran Canaria men’s fashion shop / men’s clothes shop

DISTINT  is situated in Edificio Las Camelias. Avda Tirajana 15 – Local 5, Playa del Ingles, 35100, Gran Canaria and is run by Jenny and Inma, a lesbian couple who speak English, Spanish, German and Swedish.

FRDK – lesbian friendly hairdresser in Playa del Ingles

FRDK is a hairdressing salon on Avenida de Tirajana, Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria. Owned and run by Frederick, a Norwegian hairdresser who has been living in Gran Canaria for many years now. Frederick speaks English, German, Spanish and Norwegian. FRDK hair salon is situated at the back of the Aparthotel Rondo, Avenida Tirajana, Playa [...]

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Vacationing in Gran Canaria?

Boredom Shouldn’t Be A Problem

Ah yes, the Canary Islands—can’t you just feel the sand dissipating between your toes? The warm, intoxicating breeze delicately enveloping your body, creating the perfect paradise. While the Canary Islands are great as a whole, one island in particular has become a magnet for tourists from around the world; this island is called Gran Canaria.

If a vacation is on your horizon, then you should definitely consider a warm endeavor to Gran Canaria. A vacation to you might mean relaxing in your hotel room, winning a few bets at, and perhaps enjoying a margarita or two. However, should you choose to vacation in Gran Canaria, you may find that hard considering there is so much here to keep practically anyone happily occupied.

Gran Canaria lesbian nightlife supports Gran Canaria Breast Cancer Charity ACCM

The members of the committee GLAY (Gay and Lesbian Association Yumbo) who organise Gay Pride Maspalomas in Gran Canaria annually have committed their support during Gay Pride 2011 for the Gran Canaria Breast Cancer Charity “Asociacion Canaria de Cancer de Mama” or ACCM.

Playa del Ingles Italian restaurant Gran Canaria

xxxxxxxxx is a beautiful new italian restaurant in Playa del Ingles Gran Canaria situated on Avda de Tirajana, just a few minutes walk from the Yumbo centre.
With a great variety of authentic italian cuisine and wines served by some delightful waiters and waitresses it really is a genuine taste of Italy in the heart of Playa del Ingles. A fantastic italian venue for all the family.
There is a daily changing set menu priced at xx.xx and a beautiful choice of dishes if you prefer to eat a la carte.
The italian restaurant is open daily from xx to yy
You can make a booking by calling xxx xxx xxx
The restaurant gives a warm welcome to all visitors whether straight, gay or lesbian, tourists and locals alike.

Eternity Swingers Club Gran Canaria (Nilo Centre, Playa del Ingles)

Eternity Swingers Club Gran Canaria is situated in the Nilo Centre of Playa del Ingles. It’s a superb venue for open-minded adults (whether straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian) to enjoy themselves nightly from Tuesday to Sunday.

Eternity Swingers Club in Gran Canaria’s Nilo Centre of Playa del Ingles  is one of the newest swinger clubs to open in what is fast becoming one of the liveliest swinging scenes in Europe. The club is open from Tuesday to Sunday and welcomes open-minded couples of all ages and nationalities.

The club has a lively atmosphere with large comfy sofas (perfect for getting to know other couples!) around the dance floor with a pole for those sexy dance moments and a bar with great drinks prices. Also on the ground floor is a Jacuzzi, heavenly for simply relaxing or alternatively a great starting place for the evening’s “real” entertainment!

There is  a series of playrooms offering  amazing play areas, a dark room and also private room for those who prefer a little more privacy. Naturally there are lockers for your clothes and shower facilities.

With adult movies playing throughout the evening and superb friendly bar staff,  it’s a perfect place to spend several evenings during your stay in Gran Canaria.

Further details can be found on Eternity Swingers Club Gran Canaria’s website or on their facebook page

Breast Cancer Fundraising Campaign Launch Party 8 March – Fuze Bar, Yumbo, Playa del Ingles

GLAY (Gay & Lesbian Association Yumbo) are holding a launch party for their campaign to raise money for ACCM (Canarian Breast Cancer Charity) . For further information please see the GLAY Breast Cancer Campaign webpage.