GLAY breast cancer charity launch for ACCM – 8 March

Only 2 days to go until GLAY (Gay / Lesbian Association Yumbo) have their launch party for the breast cancer fundraising appeal which will run until Gay Pride in May. Pop into Fuze Bar of the Yumbo where it’s taking place on Tuesday 8 March 2011 from 21:00. There’s a wide variety of entertainment from [...]

Ricky’s Cabaret Bar – another lesbian friendly bar in the Yumbo, Playa del Ingles

“Let your hair, down, put your feet up, relax, enjoy your holiday, laugh your tits off!” That’s as good an intro as any to the fabulous Ricky’s Bar in Playa del Inelgs’ Yumbo centre. That’s the tagline on Ricky’s Cabaret Bar’s facebook page anyway. Run by the lovely Penny and Gail and with a host of exotic and [...]

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